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To Prefer Nothing to Christ

Dame Laurentia Johns, Dom Alexander Bevan, OSB, Dom Andrew Berry, OSB, Dom David Foster, OSB, Dom Mark Barrett, OSB


A contemporary theology of Benedictine life and identity, which requires a continual return to the Gospel, the source of all Christian life, and to St Benedict’s Rule.

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The first theology of Benedictine life published in the 21st century, this English Benedictine Statement of monastic and missionary identity considers that the life of a Benedictine monk and nun requires a continual return to the Gospel. Under the impulse of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of the Church, the Benedictine monk and nun can return to the source and chief guide of all Chrisitan life, and also to the original inspiration of monastic life, as summed up in the Rule of St Benedict.

This work offers a framework for reflection and for renewal in evangelical and monastic fervour for each monastery of the Congregation, and at the same time is offered to each individual monk and nun. It provides a substantial theological foundation to the work of those tasked with the promotion of the English Benedictine monastic vocation, and will be of interest to other clergy, religious and interested lay people.

‘Monasticism can constitute for all the forms of religious life and consecrated life a remembrance of what is essential and has primacy in the life of every baptized person: to seek Christ and put nothing before his love’. (Pope Benedict XVI)

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Subtitle The Monastic Mission of the English Benedictine Congregation
Product Format Paperback
Pages 96
Publication Date 2015-11-20

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