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Theology of the Body

Dominic Baster


An engaging introduction to John Paul II’s revolutionary teaching on love, sexuality, and the meaning of our bodies.

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One of the biggest legacies Pope St John Paul II left behind was his Theology of the Body. This revolutionary teaching on love, sexuality, and the meaning of our human bodies, was given over 15 years during his Wednesday audiences in St Peter's Square. Rather than being a dry, theoretical theology, it is meant to be lived. This momentous body of work deals with the deepest yearnings of the human soul and conveys a message that is positive, profound, surprising and also intensely practical.

The purpose of this booklet is to form a readable, engaging, and easily digestible introduction to Theology of the Body. Learn more about this treasure of the Church's recent teaching by discovering both the context of this "theological time bomb" and its many topics, in this brief introduction.

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Subtitle Love, sexuality and the human body
Product Format Paperback
Pages 72
Publication Date 2013-01-01