Spiritual Combat – According to St Benedict

Fr Bernard Ducruet, OSB


St Benedict was renowned for his gift of discerning spirits during his lifetime. Drawing on the wisdom of one of the greatest Christian saints, this book highlights the fundamental aspects of the spiritual battle that impacts every Christian.

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Spiritual combat is an inherent part of the journey for every disciple of Christ. Unfortunately, this concept often appears unappealing to many Christians, leading them to believe it doesn't apply to them. However, the truth is that no one is exempt from this battle.

St Benedict of Nursia was renowned for his gift of discerning spirits during his lifetime. Having experienced his own lifelong struggle, Benedict not only engaged in spiritual combat but also inspired and guided his monastic followers, enabling them to find inner peace and communion by overcoming the temptations posed by evil forces.

We can still draw immense wisdom from St Benedict's teachings and apply them to our lives today. In this helpful book, Fr Bernard Ducruet, OSB, delves into St Benedict's insights to highlight the fundamental aspects of spiritual combat, revealing that this battle primarily serves as a means for growing in love and charity.

This simple, profound, and enlightening teaching holds significant value for anyone who prays and aspires to deeper union with Christ.

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