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The Rosary

Juliette Levivier


Pray to Mary following Jesus’s life step by step. Beautifully illustrated and in simple language, this book is a wonderful way on introducing children to the prayer of the church.

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The Rosary is a powerful prayer beloved by Catholics for centuries. A special moment for every parent is passing on important parts of the Catholic Faith to their children, and helping them to learn how to pray the Rosary is one of those moments.

This beautifully illustrated paperback book will serve as an invaluable aid to any parent or grandparent. The child-friendly language and colour will help bring this prayer of the Church to life, helping them to come to know Jesus and his life better through each mystery and the corresponding illustrations.

Children are also taught to apply each mystery to their own lives, so that through the Rosary they can come to learn how to live as Christians. These habits taught from an early age will help them on their journey to holiness throughout their lives.

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Publication Date 2016-12-08