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Praying with Mary

Juliette Levivier


A beautifully illustrated book to help children discover the important moments in the life of Mary and pray to her with tender trust.

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CTS Product Code: CH62Please refer to this code when ordering over the phone Category: ISBN: 9781784690830
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As Jesus hung on the cross, he gave Mary to us to be our mother. As our constant companion, we know we can always turn to her when we have need of anything. This is a special relationship we, in turn, can pass on to our children and grandchildren.

In Praying with Mary, children can come to know their Heavenly Mother for themselves. With the aid of bright colours and beautiful illustrations, children are taught in simple language who Mary is, and how we can talk to her and pray to her. With Marian prayers scattered throughout, children can discover the important moments in the life of Mary, and learn to pray to her with tender trust.

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Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 148 × 210 mm

Product Format Paperback
Pages 48
Publication Date 2015-10-03