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Prayer to Our Lady, Untier of Knots

Ask Our Lady to undo the "knots" in your lives with this powerful prayer to Our Lady, Untier of Knots. "Mother charged by God with untying the “knots” of the lives of your children, I place the ribbon of my life in your hands..."

Virgin Mary, Mother of fair Love,
Mother who has never abandoned
a child who cries for help,
Mother whose hands work without ceasing
for her children so beloved,
because they are impelled by divine love
and by the infinite mercy that issues from your heart,
turn to me your gaze of compassion.
Look at the many “knots” of my life.
You know my desperation and my pain.
You know how these “knots” paralyse me, Mary,
Mother charged by God with untying the “knots”
of the lives of your children,
I place the ribbon of my life in your hands.
In your hands there is no “knot” that may not be untied.
Almighty Mother, with your grace
and power of intercession
with your Son Jesus, my Saviour,
receive today this “knot” (name it if possible…).
For the glory of God I ask you to untie it
and to untie it always.
I hope in you.
You are the only consoler that God has given me.
You are the strength of my precarious powers,
the richness of my miseries,
the liberation of all that prevents me
from being with Christ.
Accept my plea.
Preserve me, guide me, protect me, be my refuge.
Mary untier of knots, pray for me.

Learn more about the devotion to Our Lady, Untier of Knots

During his studies in Germany, Pope Francis encountered a local devotion centred on an image of Our Lady in the Church of St Peter in Augsburg. Many had come to pray with seemingly irresolvable family and marriage problems and had been helped. On his return to Argentina he set about spreading this devotion and its novena. This booklet gives a brief history of the devotion and the main prayers to Our Lady Untier of Knots.

Pray the novena to Our Lady of Knots and explore the devotion by ordering your copy of Our Lady, Untier of Knots today.