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Prayer to Jesus, King of Martyrs and Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs

Pray to Jesus, King of Martyrs, and Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, with these prayers.

Prayer to Jesus, King of Martyrs

My Lord and God, Lord Jesus Christ,
Merciful King, I worship and adore you,
for you took flesh
and offered yourself as an oblation
for the redemption of my soul
Most sweet Martyr, Martyr of Martyrs,
Eternal Sacrifice of Grace,
accept this offering of my heart and soul,
which I dedicate to your service
Receive me, O Lord, as an oblation,
offered in union with the blood of the martyrs;
accept, in reparation for my sins,
my sufferings, trials and difficulties
O King of Martyrs, give me your grace,
transform me according to your will,
that I may be faithful and true;
that I may renounce myself,
take up my cross and joyfully follow you
O Jesus, I trust in you

Prayer to Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs

O most holy Mother of God,
Queen, whose heart bears the wounds
of your martyrdom,
as foretold by holy Simeon;
intercede for your children
that in times of trial and difficulty,
they may always have the grace
and strength of your Son,
and with him triumph over all adversity

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These prayers can be found in A Book of Martyrs, a collection of devotions intended to remind the faithful of some of the powerful men and women who lived and suffered in the British Isles, to provide wisdom, strength and comfort.

Book of Martyrs

A Book of Martyrs (ebook) Fr John S. Hogan

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