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Praises of St Joseph Composed By St John Eudes

Deepen your devotion to St Joseph with these beautiful praises composed by St John Eudes.

Hail, Joseph, image of God the Father,
Hail, Joseph, father of God the Son,
Hail, Joseph, temple of the Holy Spirit,
Hail, Joseph, beloved of the Most Holy Trinity,
Hail, Joseph, most faithful coadjutor of the great counsel,
Hail, Joseph, most worthy spouse of the Virgin Mary,
Hail, Joseph, father of all the faithful,
Hail, Joseph, guardian of all those who have embraced holy virginity,
Hail, Joseph, faithful observer of holy silence,
Hail, Joseph, lover of holy poverty,
Hail, Joseph, model of meekness and patience,
Hail, Joseph, mirror of humility and obedience;
Blessed art thou above all men,
Blessed thine eyes, which have seen the things which thou hast seen,
Blessed thine ears, which have heard the things thou hast heard,
Blessed thy hands, which have touched and handled the Incarnate Word,
Blessed thine arms, which have borne him who bears all things,
Blessed thy bosom, on which the Son of God fondly rested,
Blessed thy heart, inflamed with burning love,
Blessed be the Eternal Father, who chose thee,
Blessed be the Son, who loved thee,
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, who sanctified thee,
Blessed be Mary, thy spouse, who cherished thee as spouse and brother,
Blessed be the angel who served thee as a guardian,
And blessed forever be all who love and bless thee.

Saint JosephThis prayer can be found in St Joseph: Prayers & Devotions. Explaining the effects of devotion to St Joseph over the centuries, this booklet is a practical and simple way for people to foster a devotional spirit and can be used individually or in parish groups.

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