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Prayer to St Jude

Pray to the patron of impossible causes with this novena prayer.

Saint Jude, faithful disciple and friend of Jesus, many have forgotten you because of the name of the man who betrayed the Master. But the church honours you, most holy Apostle, and invokes you as the universal patron of hopeless cases – of things despaired of. I ask you to intercede for me now in my time of need. Please bring help where help is almost despaired of, that I may receive consolation from the Lord in my suffering and assistance in my distress, particularly [make your request]. Trusting in the Lord’s promise that whatever is asked in Jesus’s name will be granted, I praise God for the many blessings I have already received from his generous love and look to the day when I can glorify him with all the saints in heaven. Amen.

Devotion to St JudeThis prayer is extracted from our booklet Devotion to St Jude. The booklet includes a helpful selection of devotions to St Jude: prayers for particular needs, litany and novenas. The interesting story of his shrine at Faversham, England is also told.

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