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New Titles

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Coming Later This Year

CTS Sunday Missal 2021 Catholic Truth Society

£7.95Pre-Order Now

Divine Worship: Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying Congregation for Divine Worship

£20.00Pre-Order Now

St Norbert Abbot Martin Geudens

£3.50Pre-Order Now

The Dowry of Mary Dr Raymond Edwards, Mgr John Armitage

£3.50Pre-Order Now

Coming Soon for Children

The Church Year for Children Katrina Lange, Pia Biehl

£16.95Pre-Order Now

Jesus, I Adore You Sabine du Mesnil

£5.95Pre-Order Now

Coming Soon for Young Adults

Online with the Saints Fr Michel Remery

£14.95Pre-Order Now

YOUCAT Faith Course YOUCAT Foundation

£12.95Pre-Order Now