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GIVEAWAY: Win the books everyone’s talking about!

One copy of each of Mgr James Shea's books to be won!

Five copies of each book to be won!

To celebrate our YouTube channel reaching 1000 subscribers and to mark the release of our new interview with Mgr James Shea, author of From Christendom to Apostolic Mission and The Religion of the Day, we are giving away five free copies of each book to five lucky winners!

“We’re in a moment in which there are great deeds to be done. It’s a moment to build, it’s a moment to consolidate, it’s a moment to embrace the true adventure of the Gospel. It’s very exciting. It’s a time when saints are made!” (Mgr James Shea)

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The competition is open to UK entrants only and ends on Wednesday 5th June at 11.59pm GMT.

About the Books

From Christendom to Apostolic Mission

“A compelling Christian narrative is called for, one that provides a counter to the secular vision, that helps Christians understand and fend off false gospels. There needs to be a re-articulation of the truth that can provide those who are languishing under the malnourishment of the modern spiritual diet a way out of their predicament.”

Every human society possesses a moral and spiritual imaginative vision, a set of assumptions and ways of looking at things according to which life proceeds. This essay is an attempt to contribute effective strategies to engage our own time and culture once more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and – for a weary world – to awaken the Catholic imaginative vision.

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The Religion of the Day

“It is possible to do many Catholic things, and yet not have a Catholic mind. This is especially true in our post-Christian age.

It is to be expected. As the ideas that provide the grounding of a culture shift, many people will continue their usual religious practices even as, without noting it, their view of the world is subtly changing. This is not meant as a critique of any individual person. It is simply the dynamic of a time in which the Christian faith is being abandoned and replaced by another very different and quite potent way of viewing the world.”

We are living in a highly religious age. Secular gospels and dogmatic faiths promising salvation are all around us. So what is the belief system, the religious vision, that is displacing Christianity as the assumed narrative by which our post-Christian, modern societies live? And what is the religion that we ourselves need to be converted out of, if we are to be fully converted to the Christian faith?

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From Christendom to Apostolic Mission Monsignor James Shea, Prime Matters, University of Mary

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The Religion of the Day Monsignor James Shea, Prime Matters, University of Mary

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