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Five Ways to Appreciate the Mass More

If you've ever thought that Mass is boring or that it doesn't help you to feel closer to God, find inspiration with these five tips for appreciating the Mass more.

1. Learn about the Mass

Find out more about the meaning of the Mass by reading, listening to podcasts, or watching Catholic YouTube Videos or TV. How can we appreciate the real wonder of the Mass if we know nothing about it?

2. Read the Scripture readings before you go to Mass.

Read them during the week, or on the morning before you go. Think about what they mean, and what significance they have for your life. This simple habit makes it much easier to appreciate the readings during Mass, and to get more out of the sermon.

3. Arrive early.

We can’t settle and pray during Mass if we rush in at the last minute or arrive late. Leave home extra early, and actually plan to have ten minutes in the Church before Mass starts. Kneel and worship the Lord; sit quietly. Talk to him. Bring your needs and concerns to him. And ask him to help you pray wholeheartedly during the Mass. You will notice the difference in your attention and in the spiritual fruits you receive if you do this regularly.

4. Really listen and pray during the Mass.

It’s so easy to drift through the Mass, to daydream, to let ourselves be distracted, to spend time mentally criticising the liturgy or the music or the priest… If we make a determined decision to concentrate and listen and be mentally and spiritually present, it really helps. We can imagine that the words are spoken for us – which they are. We can give our full attention to the scripture readings. And when Christ is made Really Present at the Consecration, when the bread and wine are changed into his Body and Blood, then we can welcome and adore him. And in this way, everything that happens becomes personal and precious.

5. Pray in thanksgiving after Mass

Don’t rush out as soon as Mass has finished. Pray in your place for a few Thank God for all you have received during the Mass. Worship him with the angels and saints, who are mysteriously present in the church. And ask his help to live your faith as you go back into ordinary life.

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