Who Is the Devil?

What Pope Francis says

By: Francis, Pope/Donnelly, Deacon Nick

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Publication Date: 06 May 2014

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To the surprise of some, Pope Francis has devoted considerable energy in exhorting the faithful to take the devil seriously. In his homilies, speeches and writings he has made clear that while we need not be afraid of the devil, his activity today can be readily identified.

The Christian’s task is to unmask and counter this activity, with vigilance, prayer and mercy. Our Easter renewal of Baptismal promises is no theatre but involves a radical rejection of Satan and all his works and empty promises.

About the author Rev Nick Donnelly is a Deacon of Lancaster diocese, a CTS author and the Director of Formation, School of the Annunciation, Buckfast Abbey. He holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Formation.

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I was somewhat surprised that a booklet on the devil that hell (the devil's domain) would not be mentioned and that there are souls residing there, as is specifically mentioned in St Faustina's Diary In that respect, the complete picture of the devil is absent in this booklet

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Explains a lot in regular easy to understand script

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Astounding synopsis about the demon who fell from heaven!! One of the most fabulous stocking stuffers on this dogma of the faith. A great Catholic pamphlet on the reality of the devil and how he goes about tempting and entrapping the weak of heart!! Everyone in my family thoroughly enjoyed it. A great read, and a must have for each individual of the family!!!

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Mr CTS Reviews


This booklet was extremely engaging. The subject matter was very good. The booklet focuses on how we need to recognize Satan as a real, objective presence. Information is given on how the “prince of the world” is active in our world today. Throughout the booklet, Nick Donnelly constantly references Pope Francis, and inserts large block quotes of his homilies, addresses, and writings. Pope Francis’ acute understanding of Satin’s work in this world is very helpful and gives greater gravity to the subject matter because of the authority that comes with his office. Plus, there is great reference made to scripture. The booklet also focuses on practical ways to combat Satan and his lies (e.g. Prayers to St. Michael). Mr Nate Pacer