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Theology of the Body

Love, sexuality and the human body

John Paul II's teaching on sex and the human body.

By: Baster, Dominic

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781860828294

Number of Pages: 72

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Publication Date: 01 Jan 2013

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A readable, engaging and easily digestible introduction to John Paul II’s revolutionary teaching on love, sexuality and the meaning of our human bodies. The Theology of the Body is not a dry, theoretical theology but is meant to be lived. It deals with the deepest yearnings of the human soul and conveys a message that is positive, profound, surprising and also intensely practical.

Dominic Baster is a former editor of Briefing magazine for the Bishops’ Conference. He has also written for the Catholic Times in the past as well as for Zenit News Agency.

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How do you summarise the Theology of the Body in just a few thousand words? Baster has managed to do this in this booklet by the Catholic Truth Society. The breath of Bl. John Paul the Second's teaching on this subject would take up several volumes nod the analysis offered by other theologians would take up a small library. This book is intended as a short introduction to the subject, maybe suitable for a study group or an individual interested in getting a very basic introduction. If I were to say anything bad about the book it would be that it's possibly too short and there are many gems in John Paul II work that simply can't be covered. I'm not aware of any other book or booklet out there right now that attempts to give an introduction to the subject under such limitations. The book is very well written and I'm surprised the author hasn't tried his hand at other topics. I certainly hope he does and look forward to reading more of his works.