The Way of the Cross (Softback Edition)

By: Juliette Levivier

Format: A6 Paperback

Dimensions: 105 mm by 148 mm

ISBN : 9781784695972

Number of Pages: 48

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Publication Date: 05 May 2018

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This beautiful book will help children to learn to meditate on the Passion of Jesus. In child-friendly language, it starts by telling the story of Holy Week, beginning with Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and ending with his Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It proceeds to explain the origins of the "way of the cross", what it means, how to pray it, and how that affects our relationship with Jesus.

The Stations of the Cross follow, with colourful text and beautiful illustrations that help children to meditate on each station. Each station includes a child-friendly prayer that helps children to understand the meaning of the Way of the Cross in their own lives. This book is a wonderful way of introducing children to not only Jesus' death and Resurrection, but to praying the Stations of the Cross at Lent and throughout the year.