The Order of Confirmation

By: ICEL; Catholic Bishops' Conference of England & Wa

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 190mm by 270mm

ISBN : 9781784690885

Number of Pages: 64

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Publication Date: 10 Feb 2016

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Beautifully produced in full sized format gold blocked red leather with gilt edges, two ribbons and a durable slipcase. This is a new translation of the rite of Confirmation from the Roman Pontifical. The new translation will be mandatory in England, Wales and Scotland from the Easter Vigil of 2016.

Priests will need to use the new translation of the Rite when confirming candidates with a faculty from the bishop or when confirming candidates during the Easter Vigil.

• Rite of Confirmation within Mass
• Rite of Confirmation outside Mass
• Rite of Confirmation to be administered in danger of death.

Other texts to be used during the Mass are provided including sample universal prayers, texts to be inserted in the Eucharistic prayers and the full list of suggested readings in reference form.

Find out more and see frequently asked questions about this new rite here.

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