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The Message and Prayers of Fatima

By: Timothy Tindal-Robertson & Donal Anthony Foley

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ISBN : 9781784691394

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Publication Date: 08 Sep 2016

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Our Lady’s appeal in 1917 to the three shepherd children of Fatima, for prayer for peace and for a deep conversion of heart, rings out from the site of her apparitions at the world-famous shrine with greater relevance than ever for the people of our times. This is explained in the concise summary of the remarkable developments that have continued up to the present time, which accompanies the Fatima prayers and devotions together with other Marian prayers and reflections that are included in this booklet.

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When we hear the word Fatima, we are in danger of getting absorbed into the exciting aspects such as the wonderful Miracle of the sun, the warnings about WW2, etc, but seldom do we first think of the single most important reason why our lady came to Fatima and what we must do to fulfill Her request. This booklet was written for that purpose. It reveals not only the real reason why our lady came but also the prayers which our lady and the Angel handed down from Heaven to the children at Fatima. Also included is the consecration prayer used by John Paul and other prayers of Marion veneration. There are many books and films (the 13th day being the latest film) covering the full extent of this most marvellous encounter between heaven and earth. This booklet does not set out to compete with those detailed and dramatised accounts of these miraculous happenings. Rather It directs our attention to the most important reason as to why Our Lady came to Fatima and what we should now be doing to fulfil the real purpose of her visit. That is what this booklet is all about and it serves this purpose admirably. Leo Hughes, Executive Producer, The 13th Day

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The Parish Priest


Not sure what I expected but was disappointed. Would suggest more on the Fatima story and fewer Marian prayers. Colum MacCourt

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The centenary of Fatima in 2017 will bring renewed worldwide attention to this great shrine in Portugal. The essentials of the story are familiar to most Catholics: three children had a series of extraordinary visions of Mary which culminated in a miracle seen by hundreds of people in which the sun seemed to hurtle down towards the earth. After due process of examination, the Church pronounced the visions to be worthy of Catholic devotion, and during the 20th century the number of pilgrims drawn to the shrine annually grew and grew. In 1982 the attempted killing of Pope – now Saint - John Paul on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and his subsequent visit to the shrine to give thanks for his survival, focused fresh attention and added a new dimension to the whole story. Now Timothy Tindal-Robertson and Donal Anthony Foley have produced a useful booklet explaining the significance of Fatima and giving the traditional Marian prayers. It’s all here – information about the three young children who experienced the visions, meditations for the Rosary, familiar prayers including the Angelus and the Regina Caeli, and various litanies and other prayers that may be less familiar and are worth discovering. These include a beautiful litany to the Immaculate Heart of Mary composed by John Henry Newman, and the full Act of Consecration made by St John Paul with the bishops of the world in 1984. Fatima has been the subject of much speculation, with many fascinated by its drama and producing lurid fantasies and stories about it all. But this misses the essential point – it is a call to prayer, devotion to Mary, and reparation for sin. St John Paul showed the way, and this little booklet gives us the tools for understanding the central place that Marian devotion should have in the lives and hearts of today’s Catholics. Joanna Bogle

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With the approach of the centenary of the Fatima phenomenon, the CTS have issued a small booklet to accompany it. To compress the story and message of Fatima into 20 short pages requires little short of genius, but these two old experts from the World Apostolate of Fatima have succeeded brilliantly. They begin by emphasising the importance for the Church of the beatification of Francisco and Jacinta by St John-Paul II in 2000, who may in due course become the first child saints in history who did not die as martyrs. They will be models for both children and adults. The authors tell the account, so well recalled twenty years later by Sr Lucia, of the the three apparitions of the Angel of Portugal in 1916, the six apparitions of Our Lady in 1917, and the two final revelations to Sr Lucia in 1926 and 29 concerning the Devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart and the First Saturdays. The importance of acts of reparation in combatting the coming rise of Marxist Communism and in particular the daily Rosary are stressed, as is the role of the Devil. Perhaps rather more might have been made of events in 1917; for example there is no reference to the taking of Jerusalem by the British Army in October, after 600 years in Turkish hands, leading to Palestine being offered as a home for Jews by the Balfour Declaration. This has caused almost as much political turmoil as the rise of Communism. The following 40 pages are filled with all the prayers associated with Fatima, a big section on the Rosary, Acts of Consecration and Reparation, and other Marian Prayers, Litanies and Hymns. It will be an essential handbook for those celebrating this dramatic intervention by Heaven in human affairs next year. Martin Blake September 2016