Saint Joseph

The life of Mary's husband and Jesus' foster father for children.

By: Fabris, Francesca

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 20cm by 20cm

ISBN : 9781860828003

Number of Pages: 24

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Publication Date: 01 May 2012

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Accompanied by vivid illustrations, this re-telling of the life of St Joseph shows how he followed God by loving Mary his wife, and acting as foster-father to the child Jesus.
20 special, beautiful drawings accompany this children's biography making it eye-catching and entertaining for youngsters, whether it is read to them or they read it on their own.
Read with children aged 5 and up. Independent reading from age 7.
CTS Saints for Kids
A new range of modern, colourful and affordable books that will help children make friends with the most exciting people who ever lived – the Saints!

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Ms Tiffany Fischer


Beautifully illustrated, great for reading to children and for young readers. Great story rendition to Jesus' childhood relative his foster father Joseph. The story demonstrates humble obedience to God, family values, and fatherly figure.