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Science and Religion

The Myth of Conflict

Discovering the true relationship between Religion and Science

By: Barr, Prof Stephen M

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ISBN : 9781860827273

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Publication Date: 17 Jun 2011

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Professor Barr overturns the widespread notions that the history of science and religion is one of conflict and abuse. He looks at the historical, philosophical and scientific claims of enmity between science and religion and proves that they have very little basis in fact. Indeed in many places they are the very opposite of what history and science have to tell us. The myth that scientific discovery over the last four hundred years has debunked Christian belief is also thoroughly unpicked.
Stephen M. Barr is Professor of Physics at the University of Delaware. He does research in theoretical particle physics and cosmology.

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Mr Jim McManus


The interface between science and religion is plagued by difficulties and challenges, and sometimes it's difficult to get your bearings. I say this as someone who is both a Chartered Scientist and has a degree in theology. The beauty of this CTS series, and this booklet in particular, is that they clarify the issues and really provide a roadmap to show you the lay of the land. Having been reading CTS booklets since I was 14, this is the beauty of these little CTS books - they explain, simplify, cover the field and do it succintly but without being simplistic. I would recommend anyone embarking on a series of reading or study on science and religion to read, and occasionally re-read, these little booklets quietly. I have given this booklet to physicists, psychologists (my field), medics and biologists and they have all found it helpful