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Saints of the Roman Canon

By: Chilcott-Monk, Julien

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781860828621

Number of Pages: 80

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Publication Date: 10 May 2013

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The lives of the saints mentioned in the first Eucharistic Prayer in the Roman Missal

The Roman Canon, or First Eucharistic Prayer, recalls many saints from the history of the early Church, and their names have become familiar with Mass-goers everywhere.

It mentions Peter and Paul, Andrew, James, John, Thomas, Linus, Cletus and many others – but who were these saints and why of all the saints are they remembered so regularly?

This booklet gives a short and enlightening biography of each and why we should get to know the lives behind the names.

  • Learn about some of the most important saints and martyrs in the Catholic Church’s history.
  • An important new Mass participation aid to understanding the first Eucharistic prayer.
  • Suitable for priests as an aid for catechises on the saints.

About the author

Julien Chilcott-Monk is a composer, choir director and author of religious works including: ‘A Calendar of Catholic Devotion’, ‘In the Name of the Father’, and ‘John Henry Newman and the Path to Sainthood’.