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Loving Mary

What Pope Francis Says

By: Rev Nick Donnelly

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781784691172

Number of Pages: 72

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Publication Date: 08 May 2016

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What can Pope Francis’ personal experience of Mary teach us? In down to earth, straight-talking language Pope Francis shares his approach to devotion to Mary, our loving Mother. He advises us to take a number of honest and practical steps to enrich our lives and our relationship with God by honouring Mary. The author discusses praying the rosary, opening our heart to Jesus, Our Lady Untier of Knots (Pope Francis’ favourite devotion), and Mary’s Three Lessons for a Happy Life.

Rev Nick Donnelly is the Director of Formation at the School of the Annunciation, Buckfast Abbey, a columnist for Catholic Voice Ireland and a Deacon at Our Lady of Furness Parish, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

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Miss Rosemary Groves


In the search for Christian unity, one of the stumbling blocks for many non-Catholics is the veneration of the Virgin Mary. This devotion is often seen as a barrier to direct communication with Jesus. This little book helps explain that, far from being a barrier, loving Mary is a door-way to greater understanding of her Son. It is written simply, in a down-to-earth style, explaining logically the Catholic understanding of Mary's role, and how this has developed. The personal experience of Pope Francis gives a sense of realism to what, it has to be said, is viewed by some as "superstition". Mary is shown as a real human being, but one who, by the grace of God, became a spiritual beacon, guiding us with the love of a human mother (a concept we can understand), to the love of God, which passes all understanding. This is a helpful booklet for those wishing for a greater understanding of the Catholic faith. There are still sticking points, I am sure, for some brought up in a deeply-rooted Protestant culture, but an open mind will surely allow the core of its content to outweigh some of the elements of church ritual and doctrine that might grate, and allow the true meaning of a loving Mary to enter our hearts. Informative, supportive, and comforting - and far from toothless in its message. Rosemary Groves

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Miss Elisabeth Wilkes


This booklet offers such a tender understanding of Mary and why she is so important to the Church. Rev Donnelly captures the warm nature of Pope Francis' words and explains them in a way that made me really want to deepen my devotion to Mary. So many saints have been made from the love of our Lord's Mother and this booklet show why and how a deeper relation to Mary leads us to a greater understanding and love for her son.