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Josephine Bakhita: A Survivor of Human Trafficking

By: Jean Olwen Maynard

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781784690250

Number of Pages: 80

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“Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ.  It is a crime against humanity.”  - Pope Francis.
St Josephine Bakhita was a trafficked child: abducted from her home and family by slave raiders, sold and re-sold, and horribly abused.  To a succession of cruel owners she was a thing, not a person, and even her name was taken from her.  Yet her discovery of Jesus Christ, her true master, gave meaning to her appalling suffering.

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Once again CTS have succeeded in introducing me to a wonderful Saint I hadn't previously encountered! I devoured this retelling of the life of St Josephine Bakhita, fascinated from the beginning. Bakhita lived a life of torment for many years as a slave and victim of human trafficking in Sudan in the late nineteenth century, but what is incredible is how the point of her story is not what she endured, but how all the atrocities committed against her resulted in her finding Christ. The chances of her discovering him while living in a Muslim country in the 19th century were otherwise unlikely. She inspired many during her time as an Italian Sister and will undoubtedly continue to do so through this wonderful booklet.