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Is Jesus God?

Examining the Evidence

By: Adrian Lickorish

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Publication Date: 08 May 2016

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Is belief that Jesus is God reasonable? Can someone of good intelligence, open mind and enquiring spirit, acquire, hold and defend that belief today? Here sound reasoning and solid evidence to support that belief is set out. The author succinctly summarises the reasons and the evidence, with sufficient detail to allow the reader to form a view. The arguments presented also offer good grounds to explain this part of the Christian faith to others.

Adrian Lickorish served for over twenty five years as a partner in a major international law firm. He now writes, and lectures on practical skills to young professionals.

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Miss Elisabeth Wilkes


I've always found the historicity of Jesus a really interesting topic, because so many people claim that Christianity is based on a myth and that there is no real reasonable evidence to believe that Christ's life happened. Of course, whether he is who he claimed he is and what that means to you as a person will always be subjective and a call to faith. However, Lickorish gives very compelling arguments as to why many of the accusations against the faith or theories as to why the myth has persisted just don't hold up, either historically or even logically. He offers several great insights to satisfy the intellect and help inform the reader how to respond when these claims come up in conversation. Very straightforward and super accessible read.