Holy Week Missal (For Priests)

A practical Missal for use by priests during the Holy Week liturgies.

Format: Leatherbound hardback gilt-edged pages

Dimensions: 16cm by 23cm

ISBN : 9781860827853

Number of Pages: 288

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Publication Date: 01 Jan 2013

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The liturgies of Holy Week are among the most complex and beautiful of the Church’s year, requiring preparation and, often, the celebration of various rites away from the sanctuary.

This Holy Week Missal for priests is a comprehensive extract from the Roman Missal with all the liturgies from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. It is light and portable and contains supplementary ICEL chant for Holy Week.

For ease of use, there are also four ribbons, to make it simple to move between the various rites and prayers which characterize these solemn liturgies.

Beautiful as well as functional, the Missal contains four full-colour illustrations, taken from the full Roman Missal. High-quality materials, illustrations and binding mean the Holy Week Missal continues the theme of beauty and dignity which has been a vital part of the New Roman Missal project since its beginning.