Divine Worship - Ordinariate Study Missal for Clergy

By: Ordinariates Established by Anglicanorum Coetibus

Format: Soft Leather Binding

Dimensions: 120mm by 170mm

ISBN : 9781784695644

Number of Pages: 1086

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Publication Date: 01 May 2018

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A new, smaller-sized ritual edition of the Divine Worship Missal, useful for reference and liturgical planning.

These texts for the celebration of Mass have been approved and promulgated by the Holy See for use in the Personal Ordinariates established under the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus. This Missal will foster the noble and worthy celebration of the Sacred Liturgy in the Ordinariates worldwide, and provide an essential study text for all who love the Church’s worship.

Includes the Order of Mass, Proper of Time and Sanctoral cycle with votive, ritual and Masses for the dead with all the main liturgical texts set to music.

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Mr Nigel McBain


This is a long-awaited work for many in the Personal Ordinariates. It is an exact facsimile of the Divine Worship Altar Missal. It doesn't not contain the Readings from the Lectionary for Mass. It does, however, have all the Propers and Prayers used in the Divine Worship Form. I think one of the best thing that this book could be used for liturgically, is when the Celebrant is away from the altar and needs to say the prayers, such as when the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar are used, or there is a Rogationtide Procession with the Litany, or for occasions such as Palm Sunday, where the action begins in the Narthex or outside the Church. For those times, this would be a much easier book to handle than the Altar Missal, though, of course, the print in this is smaller, and perhaps it doesn't make for such an impressive sight as the Altar Missal used thus. This book would be very useful as a "travel missal" for priests on the go. For those who wish primarily to study Divine Worship: The Missal as of itself, or prepare the Liturgy from it, this book would also be ideal. As a "people's missal", it might disappoint those who want to follow along with the Readings, but it suffices for those who want to follow the Mass and make the responses, etc, using a more beautiful resource than a folded Mass sheet. Of course, since every celebration of the Ordinariate Form will differ from place to place, especially in the use of the options in the Appendices, negotiating what comes next would be an art in itself, though no doubt an art at which many in the Personal Ordinariates would be adept. The soft leather binding is nice, though you may want to invest in a leather cover for the book, as you would with a Breviary. I imagine it will take some time for the leather to settle as it gets used. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, along with the Rubrical Directory for the Missal are published at the front for reference, and the Appendices at the back give the various options for the celebration of Mass such as the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the Decalogue or the Christmas Proclamation. Thanks to CTS for publishing this work. It is most appreciated.