Saint Clare of Assisi

The story of St Clare, the great contemporary of St Francis of Assisi.

By: Fabris, Francesca

Format: Paperback

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ISBN : 9781860828485

Number of Pages: 24

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Publication Date: 01 Jan 2013

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The story of St Clare is one of great love for both God and neighbour. In this simply-told biography aimed at children, Clare is shown as someone who followed God’s call all her life long. From growing up in a wealthy family and then abandoning everything to live a life dedicated to God, she founded an order of sisters and even defended her city from invaders. Whether having it read to them, or discovering the saint for themselves, small children will love this tale of a caring and loving young girl who lived out the teachings of the gospel.

Read with children aged 5 and up. Independent reading from age 7.

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Ms Tiffany Fischer


Beautifully illustrated. I enjoyed reading this to my children. Also great for young readers. Wonderful story of God's miraculous power and faith in the blessed sacrament. One of the chapters is a great short story for sharing with children getting ready for their first communion.

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This book has many illustrations ,and theyare very pretty. Especialiy I like the illustrattion of this front cover. I most Ilike page 9 and page 11. Becouse of the story and illustrations,they are muched .