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Weekly Spotlight: Why Pray the Rosary?

Every week we recommend different books we think you'll love.


Catholics are often accused of worshipping Mary by those who don’t understand our devotion to her, but have you ever considered how the greatest Marian prayer – the Rosary – actually leads us closer to Jesus?

At the heart of every mystery of the Rosary is Jesus. As we pray, we walk through His entire life. We begin with the Joyful Mysteries from His conception and early years, the Mysteries of Light from His public ministry, the Sorrowful Ministries from the brutal end of His life, and the Glorious Mysteries from the heavenly events that followed His death, starting with His Resurrection.

However, as we walk through the life of Jesus, we are not alone. We walk this road with the most wonderful companion: His Mother. It is through Mary that Jesus desires us to come to Him, and therefore it is through her eyes and in her company that we look at His life while praying the Rosary.

The month of the Rosary will soon be upon us, and with it comes a beautiful opportunity to come to know Jesus better.

This October, will you commit to praying the Rosary more often? If you already pray it frequently, can you commit to praying it every day? If you don’t pray it often, or don’t pray it at all, can you commit to praying it once or twice a week?

To enrich your experience of praying the Rosary, take a look at our selection of books on the Rosary. In these books, you will be inspired by accompanying sacred art, pray with Scripture with every bead of the Rosary, pray with meditations from Pope Francis – and more!

Most Popular Rosary Books

Pray a Scripture verse with every bead, pray the rosary with accompanying sacred art, or pray with meditations by Pope Francis.

Praying a Scriptural Rosary

Praying a Scriptural Rosary Fr Guy Nicholls

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The Rosary with Pope Francis Alessandro Saraco, Pope Francis

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Inspiring Rosary Meditations

Pray with meditations from the Divine Mercy devotion, from the Fatima message or with reflections by St Josemaria Escriva.

Divine Mercy Prayer Book The Marian Fathers

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Fatima: the Family & the Church Donal Anthony Foley, Timothy Tindal-Robertson

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Handbook of Prayers

Handbook of Prayers Rev James D Socias

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Rosary Essentials & Discovering the Rosary

The Rosary

The Rosary Juliette Levivier

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Large Print Rosary Book Catholic Truth Society

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A Simple Rosary Book Catholic Truth Society

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