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Weekly Spotlight: Upcoming Publications

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Upcoming Publications

The CTS Sunday Missal 2024

This beautifully designed paperback Sunday Missal contains everything you need for Mass in 2024:

  • Masses and readings for all Sundays & Solemnities (UK & Ireland)
  • Running from the First Sunday of Advent 2023 to Christ the King 2024
  • Helpfully presented in calendar order
  • All major feasts and seasons
  • Latin and English side-by-side
  • Introductions by Pope Francis
  • Music for the Mass
  • Acts of Spiritual Communion
  • Prayers before and after Holy Communion
  • Prayers before and after Mass
  • Rite of Eucharistic Exposition & Benediction

This is all included in a lightweight paperback volume, making it the perfect Sunday Missal for every Catholic to bring to Mass.

Format: Paperback Expected Publication Date: July 2023

No Greater Love – The Martyrdom of the Ulma Family

by Jean Olwen Maynard

Under the Nazi occupation of Poland during World War II, Jews were indiscriminately arrested, imprisoned, and killed. Christians who helped them hide or escape placed themselves in the same peril. Josef and Wiktoria Ulma, who, guided by the parable of the Good Samaritan, which was underlined in red ink in the family Bible, sheltered a Jewish family in their village of Markowa. As a result, in 1944, Josef, Wiktoria, and their seven small children – one not yet born – were murdered by the Nazis. This biography tells the story of the heroic virtue and sacrifice that lead to their beatification.

Format: A6 Paperback

Expected Publication Date: September 2023

What is Truth? A Reason to Hope for the Modern World

by Joshua Madden

Modern philosophy has narrowed the concept of reason, leading to radical scepticism of our ability to know reality as it is and causing a climate of nihilism and doubt. To share the joy of the Gospel in today, men and women must rediscover that it is possible to know objective truth about ourselves and the world around us. This foundation, the preambula fidei, is what makes it possible to truly know the living God who has revealed himself in Christ.

Format: A6 Paperback

Expected Publication Date: September 2023




Therese of LisieuxSt Therese of Lisieux – The Way of Confidence and Love

by Jennifer Moorcroft

St Therese of Lisieux lived a quiet, humble, and very short life. Her writings on the “Little Way” – the spiritual maxim to do little things with great love – were published only after her death, but have had a profound influence on the spirituality of the faithful, and led to her being named a Doctor of the Church. In this deeply personal biography, Jennifer Moorcroft paints a vivid and relatable picture of the saint who somehow became smaller and simpler as she grew.

Format: A6 Paperback

Expected Publication Date: September 2023


The Star of Bethlehem

by Fr Douglas McGonagle

This book explores what type of astronomical phenomenon the Star of Bethlehem was and what it would have meant for the Magi to ‘follow the star’. Unifying the spiritual and the scientific, Fr McGonagle discusses a well-known and evocative part of the Christmas story, drawing out what this means for our own spiritual preparation for Christmas, while tackling the role of natural signs and wonders in seeking God.

Format:   Paperback

Expected Publication Date: September 2023



Artificial Intelligence

by Fr Andrew Pinsent, Sean Biggins

Artificial Intelligence, in the guise of ChatGPT and other programs, has become a big feature of modern life. However, understanding exactly what AI is, its capabilities and its limits, is not always easy. Written by experts in an accessible and clear way, Artificial Intelligence explains the true meaning of AI, while also exploring the subject in a Catholic context. What does AI mean for our understanding of intelligence and humanity? What would it mean for a computer to be ‘intelligent’? Could a computer be more intelligent than a human? Could an intelligent machine ever be considered human? Tackling these questions and more, Artificial Intelligence will be an essential read for anyone curious about AI or about its moral ramifications.

Format: A6 Paperback

Estimated Publication Date: October 2023

Elisabeth Leseur

by Jennifer Moorcroft

Servant of God Élisabeth Leseur (1866-1914) was a French mystic who is today best known for her inspiring spiritual diary and for the dedication she showed in praying for the conversion of her husband. Drawing on Élisabeth’s own writings, this book encourages the reader to meditate on the beautiful words of the Servant of God. A short biography is also included, introducing this prayerful woman to those unfamiliar with her incredible life.

Format:  A6 Paperback

Estimated Publication Date: October 2023


Overcoming Distraction in Prayer

by Fr Ed Broom

Distraction can be a major hindrance to forming a habit of prayer and a deep prayer life. Particularly in the digital age, distraction is all around us. Fr Ed Broom gives practical advice on how to overcome distractedness so as to learn to pray deeply.

Format: A6 Paperback

Estimated Publication Date: January 2024

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