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If you’re aware of the amazing fact that when we attend Mass we are actually present at Calvary, you know more than the average baptised Catholic in the UK.

When we have a conscious awareness that at each celebration of Mass we are truly present at the foot of the cross, offering ourselves with Jesus to the Father, we can experience an entirely different attitude and atmosphere than if we were merely attending a community gathering or memorial service.

That is the purpose of our new booklet The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. With thirty-five years experience as a religion teacher and catechist, Barbara Reed Mason draws on Sacred Scripture, the Catechism, and the words of saints and popes to shine a light on the reality of what is happening at Mass.

The result, when the booklet is read prayerfully, will evoke in the reader awe and wonder ay the extraordinary event that takes place at every Mass. It is hoped that this, in turn, will lead to adoration, praise and thanksgiving to God.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is out now for £3.95.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Barbara Reed Mason

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Half Price

The Writings of Pope Benedict XVI

Light of the World

Light of the World Pope Benedict XVI

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Morning & Evening Prayer

Morning & Evening Prayer (Hardback Edition) Pope Benedict XVI, Pope St John Paul II

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Caritas in Veritate

Caritas in Veritate Pope Benedict XVI

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Deus Caritas Est

Deus Caritas Est Pope Benedict XVI

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