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For Children

The best CTS publications for children.

Pass the faith onto the next generation with our colourful and imaginative books for children. CTS books for children can always be relied upon to be faithful to Church teaching, helping children find God for themselves without watering down the richness and beauty of our faith. Help them to practice the faith by going to adoration and learning to pray; show them how the faith impacts our lives by living out the Church’s year; introduce them to Jesus, Mary and the saints; and help find answers to questions when they want to know more.

Here you can find the highlights of our books for children. If you’d like to discover even more for children, find the full selection here.

Growing in Faith

YOUCAT for Kids YOUCAT Foundation

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The Church Year for Children

The Church Year for Children Katrina Lange, Pia Biehl

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Jesus, I Adore You Sabine du Mesnil

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Coming to Mass

My Simple Mass Book

My Simple Mass Book David Belmonte, Pierpaolo Finaldi

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My Little Missal Maïte Roche

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Learning to Pray

My Simple Prayer Book David Belmonte, Pierpaolo Finaldi

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Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross Juliette Levivier

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My Simple Prayer Book [Gift Edition]

My Simple Prayer Book (Gift Edition) David Belmonte, Pierpaolo Finaldi

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Beautiful Stories

Inspiring Lives

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph Francesca Fabris

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