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CTS Commissioning Editor Stratford Caldecott RIP

CTS Commissioning Editor and author Stratford Caldecott passed away on 17th July 2014 after a lengthy illness.

With great sadness we can announce that CTS Commissioning Editor and author Stratford Caldecott passed away on 17th July after a lengthy illness.

Stratford was an admired colleague and a valuable adviser with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the faith and an authentic talent for spotting gifted writers who, like himself, could explain the riches of the Faith to all.

Stratford’s writing and commissioning for CTS ranged from Catholic Social Teaching, to scripture, to prayer and from spirituality to liturgy. In an age of specialists, Stratford’s work encompassed all aspects of the Faith he loved so well.

It has been a pleasure and a joy to work with him over the years and to learn from his professionalism and his deep faith. I’m sure we can speak on behalf of ourselves and of the many thousands who have benefited from the books he has written and commissioned, assuring his family of our deep gratitude and prayers.

“The man who keeps and teaches the commandments will be considered great in the kingdom of heaven.” Mt 5:19

Mr Fergal Martin, General Secertary & Mr Pierpaolo Finaldi, Managing Editor.

CTS author Steven Schloeder pays his tribute to Stratford Caldecott

“I met Stratford about 25 years ago, when he encouraged me to pursue my work in church architecture. he tried unsuccessfully to get my book ‘Architecture in Communion’ published through Harper Collins, though he did give me my first publication in Second Spring in 1995, which was then published in Catholic World Report. From that article, priests started asking me to design churches, my book got published by Ignatius Press, I was able to pursue my doctorate, and my career finally became my vocation.

I have been blessed by his constancy and support. Stratford understood what I was trying to say, he advocated for me without reserve, and he helped me find my voice. Over the past five years he regularly cajoled me to write a couple of books for the Catholic Truth Society – Publishers To The Holy See, which were finally published last year (Catholic Architecture) and this year (Understanding a Church).

I dedicate both of those books to you, dear friend.

As I wrote last to Strat in May this year:

‘You have been such a blessing to me — and I can honestly say that I am now working full time serving the Church in architecture mostly because you have advocated me and my ideas. That is a strange and wondrous bit of providence — probably not too significant in the grand scheme of things, and you have done so very much for so many in to help light their path in service to Christ — but for me it has been determinative. You have very much been part of the way our Lord has shaped the trajectory of my life. I simply want you to know that, and to let you know how grateful I am to you for your friendship and support.’

Rest in peace.”

Steven Schloeder

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