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How to Make Your Staycation Holy

We all need time with God to recharge, to seek conversion and allow Him to draw us closer to Him. While many retreat houses remain closed and foreign pilgrimages may not be possible, there are ways to seek that quality time without having to go abroad.

​​​​​This summer, dedicate a few days to God on pilgrimage or retreat as part of a staycation. A “staycation” is a holiday in your home country – it could be your own home, somewhere local to you, or another part of Britain. There are plenty of inspiring pilgrimage options in this country, and retreats can be self-guided if you have the right books at your disposal.

So nourish your soul this summer with these suggestions for a Catholic staycation.

Pilgrimage in Britain


Glastonbury David Baldwin

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Message of Walsingham R W Connelly, SM

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The Dowry of Mary Dr Raymond Edwards, Mgr John Armitage

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Self-Guided Retreat

Pathways to God

Pathways to God Fr Paul Nicholson SJ

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Silent Prayer

Silent Prayer Fr Andrzej Muszala

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A Retreat for Everyday Life Fr Paul Dobson

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Do-It-Yourself Retreat

Do-It-Yourself Retreat Cornelius Michael Buckley SJ, Fr André Ravier SJ

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Spiritual Reading

Living Fruitfully: Joy

Living Fruitfully: Joy Mgr Paul Grogan

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7 Words on Marriage

7 Words on Marriage Fr Ivano Millico

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The cover of Fratelli Tutti, the encyclical from Pope Francis, includes art of St Francis of Assisi giving away his cloak.

Fratelli Tutti Pope Francis

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How to be Happy

How to Be Happy Fr Paul Nicholson SJ

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