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Here are our top picks from across the website

We know that shopping online can make it hard to know which book would best suit your needs. That’s why we’ve picked out below some of our most essential books, the books we think should belong on every Catholic bookshelf.

So whether you’re new to the faith, a cradle Catholic, or simply curious, you’ll find a book to suit your need here.

Tips for finding the book that’s right for you:

  • Look Inside: If you were in a physical bookshop, you might want to open a book and read the first few pages or even the first chapter to decide whether it’s for you. Well, you can do that online too! When looking at a book, look out for the Look Inside banner at the top of the book and click on it and to get a peak at the inside of the book.
  • Bestsellers: What does everyone else buy? Look for the Bestseller label on our top books, or browse our Bestseller category.
  • New Titles: Are you looking for something new and current? Look for New label on our newest books, or browse our New Titles section.
  • Ebooks: Did you know that many of our books are also available as an ebook, and that many of our out of print titles are still available in ebook format? Browse our ebook section if that’s the format for you.
  • Are you still struggling to find the right book? Our Customer Services team would love to give you some expert advice.

Essentials for Every Catholic

Every Catholic bookshelf needs these books on it.

A Catechism of Christian Doctrine Catholic Truth Society

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Simple Prayer Book

A Simple Prayer Book Catholic Truth Society

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Prayer Books

We recommend these prayer books from among our vast selection.

Stations of the Cross - Alphonsus

Stations of the Cross: The Way of Divine Mercy Fr Jim McManus CssR, St Alphonsus Liguori

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Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration Catholic Truth Society

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Divine Mercy Prayer Book The Marian Fathers

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A Simple Rosary Book Catholic Truth Society

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Handbook of Prayers

Handbook of Prayers Rev James D Socias

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Understanding the Faith

While the Catechism, YOUCAT, and a Catechism of Christian Doctrine (featured above in our Essentials section) are by far the best books to help you get to grips with the Catholic faith, these books are great additions.

Year with the Catechism

A Year with the Catechism Dr Donald Asci, Fr Dominic Scotto, Ms Elizabeth Siegel, Petroc Willey

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Credo Fr Andrew Pinsent, Fr Marcus Holden

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The Mass & Confession

These books are essential for anyone wanting to deepen their experience of the Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, or Confession.

A Simple Penance Book Catholic Truth Society

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My Simple Mass Book

My Simple Mass Book David Belmonte, Pierpaolo Finaldi

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Order of Mass - English and Latin

Order of Mass in Latin and English Catholic Truth Society

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Living the Faith

Discover how to live your faith well with these practical books.

7 Words on Marriage

7 Words on Marriage Fr Ivano Millico

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Living Fruitfully: Patience

Living Fruitfully: Patience Christopher Mc Camley

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How to be Happy

How to Be Happy Fr Paul Nicholson SJ

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Fatima: the Family & the Church Donal Anthony Foley, Timothy Tindal-Robertson

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