Free With Every Order: Pope Francis on the Nativity Scene

  When you place an order this Advent*, you will also receive a FREE copy of Admirabile Signum, Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter on the Nativity Scene.   (*Orders shipped by 18th December. UK only.)


The CTS Advent Retreat

This Advent, we want to help you enter more deeply into the season. We’d love to help you prepare your soul for the coming of Our Saviour on Christmas Day.

To help you do this, we’re inviting you to join our email Advent Retreat, which will be based on meditations on the Church’s Advent liturgy, exploring the Advent saints, and inspiring Advent blogs to nourish your soul.

Choose which emails you’d like to receive in the retreat by filling out the form below.

Please Note: You’ll continue receiving any emails you sign up for once the Advent Retreat is over (e.g. if you sign up for The CTS Prayer Community, you’ll continue to receive monthly novenas) unless you opt out.