CTS Reps

What are CTS Reps?

CTS Reps are volunteers who take care of the CTS book rack in their parish. By taking responsibility for CTS in their parish, they are helping to spread the Catholic faith.

What does a CTS Rep do?

As well as ordering for the parish and maintaining the CTS book rack, the Rep works with the parish priest and catechists to identify the best resources for the parish. The Rep also engages with parishioners to suggest publications that could help them grow in faith.

Why have a CTS Rep in my parish?

The CTS Rep relieves some of the burden of the Parish Priest. By taking responsibility for the CTS rack and helping to sell CTS publications in their parish, a CTS Rep is assisting with a form of evangelisation and faith formation. 

Pope Francis has pointed out that evangelisation happens “person to person”. This is why our Reps are so important, as by engaging in simple and friendly conversation with their fellow parishioners, they are building up relationships of trust and providing a safe place to ask questions.

How does someone become a CTS Rep?

The Parish Priest can appoint an enthusiastic volunteer to be responsible for CTS in the parish. Once appointed, they should ensure they are subscribed to the CTS newsletter so that we can keep them up-to-date with the latest CTS publications and provide them with recommendations.

Anyone who orders from CTS for a parish, including CTS Reps, is eligible for discount on most CTS publications. In order to make sure they receive this discount when ordering, the CTS Rep should order from the parish account.

Got questions about CTS Reps or parish discount? Contact us.

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