Simple Guide to the Mass

A concise and straightforward booklet for helping those in the pews to get more out of Mass. PRE-ORDER

By: Johnson OSB, Dom Cuthbert

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781860827600

Number of Pages: 32

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Publication Date: 16 Sep 2011

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Abbot Cuthbert Johnson OSB, a Consultor to the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship, provides a simple and concise guide to the new translation of the Mass introduced by the Church on Sunday, 4 September 2011.
Pope Benedict XVI has expressed the wish that the introduction of the new translation will mark the beginning of: "A renewal and a deepening of Eucharistic devotion all over the English-speaking world".
Abbot Cuthbert, a noted liturgist, has helped to bring this wish of the Holy Father alive in his acclaimed CTS booklets Understanding the Roman Missal and Participating in the Mass.