Praying with St Ignatius and Pope Francis

By: Mansfield SJ, Dermot

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ISBN : 9781860829154

Number of Pages: 48

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Publication Date: 20 Jan 2014

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An insight into the heart of St Ignatius opens us to the heart and prayer of Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope. Dermot Mansfield SJ shows us not only how Ignatius learned to pray but also how we can translate the famous Spiritual Exercises into everyday life. For Pope Francis the spirituality contained in the Spiritual Exercises has been a major influence—he has relied on it for long years, considering it valuable both for himself and for many others in life today. Pope Francis, as is clear from so many of his words and gestures already, would want nothing better of himself or of us than to realize how deeply we are part of God’s ‘holy, faithful people’—above all through our ordinary daily human living.

Fr Dermot Mansfield SJ is currently based at the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality in Dublin and has written and led retreats on Ignatian Spirituality for many years.