Pledge a Legacy

Help future generations know the riches of the Catholic faith

In our increasingly secularised world, the need for CTS publications has never been greater.

Your legacy to CTS will help us to continue our mission to:

  • Share the Good News of the Catholic Faith, helping people in all situations to find out more
  • Help people grow in their spiritual lives
  • Provide education and faith formation to young people
  • Give hope to those who may feel far from God

You will be ensuring in a very real way that the faith which has sustained you will be known by generations to come.

Practical advice on leaving a legacy

If you have not yet made a Will, you cannot be sure where your estate will go, and it may not be distributed in accordance with your wishes. No charity supported by you would be able to benefit.

The generous act of leaving a legacy to a charity such as CTS can also reduce your estate’s liability to inheritance tax, because, as long as certain conditions are met, gifts to charities are exempt from inheritance tax, regardless of the amount.

Three ways to leave a legacy

There are three main types of legacy which you can make to charities such as CTS – your solicitor can advise you which one is best for you.

  1. A Pecuniary Legacy
    This is a specific amount of money declared in your Will. It can be linked if you wish to the Retail Prices Index so that it is protected from inflation.
  2. A Specific Legacy
    You may wish to leave a specific item such as property, stocks and shares, or an item of jewellery.
  3. A Residuary Legacy
    This is the ‘residue’ of your estate after all other bequests have been made.

Making a Will is not expensive, and you are advised to make use of the services of a solicitor. Alternatively, the
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) can also help you set up and manage your legacy quickly, simply and safely:
visit .


What if I've already made my Will?

If you would like to make a legacy gift to CTS, you do not have to rewrite your Will.
Your solicitor can help you draft a codicil; this is a simple, separate document which can add, cancel or change things in your existing Will.


Making a Legacy Pledge to CTS

CTS understands that your legacy intention is a personal matter, which you may wish to keep confidential. However, to enable us to plan for the future, it would be helpful to know whether you intend to remember us in your Will or if you have already done so.

We are aware that your circumstances may change and so the details you give us will in no way obligate you, they are purely for our records. We hold all information in strict confidence and will never share it with other charities or organisations.

Please complete this form and post or fax it back to us.