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A New Companion to Prayer

Meeting God where you are

Advice to unblock your heart for an effective prayer life

By: Wolf-Devine, Celia

Format: A6 Paperback

Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm

ISBN : 9781860827525

Number of Pages: 64

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Publication Date: 17 Jun 2011

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This companion will guide you through the ways in which prayer gives God the space to work in us - and transform our hearts to become like the heart of Jesus. In prayer, we give ourselves to God and he gives himself to us. We need to fit in time to satisfy our desire for him just as he gives himself to us infinitely. The obstacles we need to overcome are explored here, and ways of prayer are offered to help us attain singleness of heart.
Celia Wolf-Devine is a retired philosophy professor, author and lecturer. For more information on her and her work see