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Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities Year B

By: Brian Schmisek; Diana Macalintal; Jay Cormier

Format: Paperback

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ISBN : 9781784691899

Number of Pages: 320

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Publication Date: 30 Jun 2017

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What is Living Liturgy?
Living Liturgy is a comprehensive and indispensable guide for preparing the liturgy for Year B Sundays and solemnities as well as other select days. It integrates liturgy preparation with daily living, prayer, and study in one inviting and easy-to-use resource. Deepening and strengthening the worship experience for the whole parish, it helps those leading the liturgy to develop their own spirituality and to bring a fuller experience of the Mass to the congregation.

How is it structured?
Offering practical and inspiring ways to reflect on and prepare for the Mass, there are three sections for each day - a spiritual reflection; help in celebrating the Mass; and points for catechesis:

1. Spirituality

  • Gospel Reflections
  • Comments on the Mass readings
  • Advice on living the Gospel
  • Prompts for homilists & catechists

2. Celebration

  • Model Penitential Act
  • Key Homily points
  • Model Prayers of the Faithful
  • Liturgical texts

3. Catechesis

  • Key messages from the Liturgy
  • Liturgical advice for musicians
  • Connection to RCIA

Who is it designed for?
Ideal for anyone involved with liturgical planning and preparation including priests and parish ministers, liturgical directors, church musicians, and catechists.

Praise for Living Liturgy:

“For anyone wishing to enrich themselves in learning more about the meaning and beauty of our sacred liturgies from historical, theological and spiritual foci, I recommend this book. It gives you insightful, concrete tools to be able to better share and empower others to more fully embrace, enjoy and engage with the liturgies that the Church celebrates.”
Fergal Cummins, Diocesan Seminarian

“This is a most useful resource for both priests and laity in the parish to enhance our understanding and living of the Church’s liturgy.”
Fr John Hogan, St Nicholas’s Parish