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Living Fruitfully: Chastity

Learning From the Saints

By: Fr John McKeever

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781784692001

Number of Pages: 92

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Publication Date: 01 Sep 2017

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“If you would be happy, be chaste.”

This latest title in the Living Fruitfully series addresses the provocative and often misunderstood subject of chastity. Too often considered an exclusively ‘religious’ option, the author makes the case for chastity, showing us that as a Christian virtue, we are all called to lead a chaste life in keeping with our particular state of life: whether married or single, ordained or lay, young or old.

The work draws heavily on the teaching and example of the saints, beginning with a retelling of the story of St Augustine and weaving gems from St Thomas Aquinas, St Philip Neri and many others. There is a specific chapter on tools and spiritual weapons for the fight against temptation, and a short selection of prayers to help readers striving for chastity.

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This is an incredibly inspiring booklet on the important subject of chastity which is not discussed enough by many in the Church today. This is a very readable booklet and most essentially it doesn't shy away from topics relevant to modern culture - for example: pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity, and it also provides practical advice and prayers. It covers the many pitfalls of unchastity, drawing from the experience and wisdom of the saints. I was surprised to hear of many saints who were tempted in this way, including St Benedict, St Francis and, most notably, St Augustine. I was touched by the story of the latter and I was inspired by his lifelong struggle with chastity. He desired God, yet at the same time struggled to place Him above his worldly desires, continuing to feel tempted even when he became a priest and bishop. Living Fruitfully: Chastity doesn't just cover the difficulties of being chaste however: it also talks about the great gift of chastity, explaining our dignity as creatures made in the image of God and how everyone is called to chastity, regardless of their vocation. This booklet is an essential for read for young people, for anyone who has ever felt tempted to be unchaste, and for anyone who would like to understand the situation of the world today and the temptations their fellow Catholics - especially young people - are struggling with.