Living Fruitfully Series

What does it mean to live as a Christian? How should we live our daily lives? One way we read of in Scripture is to be filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

The new Living Fruitfully series addresses each of these fruits in turn, beginning with Chastity, Joy, Self-Control, Generosity and Patience. The series explains how we can live out the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives, drawing from the wisdom and experiences of the saints.

The saints, far from being perfect, battled as we do to embrace these fruits daily, like St Augustine who famously prayed, “Lord make me chaste, but not yet!” and St Therese of Liseux who was a very wilful child. Seeking inspiration from them in these booklets, we can learn to live our lives in a way worthy of believers in Christ.

Both spiritual and practical, these booklets aim to help Christians live faithful and fruitful lives.

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Showing 1-6 of 6 products