Jesus of Nazareth III - The Infancy Narratives
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Jesus of Nazareth III - The Infancy Narratives

The third part of the Holy Father's work on the life of Jesus.

By: Benedict XVI, Pope

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 13.4cm by 19.8cm

ISBN : 9781408194539

Number of Pages: 144

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Publication Date: 04 Dec 2012

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N.B AVAILABLE UK & IRELAND ONLY.The Pope completes his immensely successful and well-received portrait of Jesus of Nazareth with this last volume.Benedict XVI uses all his years of scholarship, prayer and reflection to show how the Christmas story is the beginning of the central event of human history, the Incarnation.Continuing his previous work to balance the search for a so-called ‘historical Jesus’ with a search that treats the Gospels as historically reliable, he shows how the life of Jesus from its very beginning, was the supreme expression of God’s love for humanity.In his inimitably clear, readable and lucid style, the Pope looks at the hugely important figures of St Joseph and the Virgin Mary, at the birth of Jesus as the fulfilment of God’s promises to the Jewish people, as well as the Epiphany and its promise of salvation for all and much more.This text, taken together with its two predecessors, both hugely popular best-sellers in their own right, helps to form a picture of Jesus as God’s greatest gift, and draws to a close an extremely important work, both of biblical exegesis and of devotion.