How can I help CTS?

CTS has always been supported by those who care deeply about sharing the Catholic faith with their fellow men, women and children - and believe that this is one of the most urgent tasks in today's world.

Charitable Aims

Well-known as a reliable Catholic publisher, what is perhaps less well known about CTS is that it is also a charity with an apostolic mission to promote the Catholic faith. We are committed to enabling people in all situations to find out more about the Catholic faith, to help them grow in their spiritual lives and to respond to challenges to their beliefs. We also provide educational opportunities to young people and seek to give hope to those who may feel far from God.

To support our charitable aims, we have an annual appeal. Since November 2012, to mark the Year of Faith, CTS been raising funds to give away CTS Children’s Books to schools and poorer parishes in the UK. In previous years, we have sponsored:

  • Bibles for prisoners and schools
  • The Compendium of the Catechism for schools
  • Over 2400 free copies of YouCat for university students

Every year we sponsor the Evangelium conference for around 150 young adults as well as the Association of Catholic Women’s writing competition for primary school children. We also respond to ad hoc requests from people in many different situations, for example:

  • Prisoners requesting bibles or other literature
  • RCIA candidates requesting simplified information
  • People in mission territories
  • The financially disadvantaged

The Catholic Truth Society's charitable work would not be possible without the support of our regular donors who enable us not only to develop new publications but to sustain our charitable activities as well.

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