Faith in the Family

A Handbook for Parents

By: Burke-Gaffney, Anne / Holden, Fr Marcus

Format: A5 Book

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ISBN : 9781860828607

Number of Pages: 88

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Publication Date: 10 May 2013

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Faith in the Family is a handbook for parents, helping them transmit key aspects of the faith to their children.

Divided into three themes: ‘Creation and created’, ‘Knowing God’ and ‘Catholic life and times’, questions and answers are expressed in language that can be easily communicated by parents to children and then translated into action and supported with prayers, activities and practical suggestions.

This book will help parents to live and pass on the Catholic Faith within their families in a lively and practical way, and give them the confidence to answer the numerous and often challenging faith-related questions that children ask.

About the authors

Dr Anne Burke-Gaffney is a mother and catechist as well as being a research scientist at Imperial College London. Fr Marcus Holden, a priest of the Archdiocese of Southwark, is the co-founder of St Anthony Communications and The Evangelium Project.

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"Faith in the Family: a Handbook for Parents, by Anne Burke Gaffney and Fr Marcus Holden (a co-founder of the Evangelium project) is a superbly written guide to just what to tell your children about the faith: about God and the creation, about angels, saints, the seasons of the Church, about prayer, about everything; I wish I had had it when I was bringing up my own children. But I learned and rediscovered a lot myself: like many books written for children, this one has its fascination for adults, too."