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Understanding exorcism in scripture and practice

An introduction to the origins and present day use of exorcism

By: Davies, Fr Jeremy

Format: A6 paperback

Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm

ISBN : 9781860825026

Number of Pages: 56

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Publication Date: 20 Apr 2008

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Both secularism and superstition have popularised some very distorted ideas about exorcism. This booklet, written by an experienced exorcist, looks at its origin in the Gospels and its practice in the Church today. Different kinds of demonic influence are discussed, including their relation to conversion and sin and mental illness. Above all the text gives the good news that in Christ the Devil is already defeated and that the Church carries this victory to those in need.

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I read this book in just 2 sittings. Absolutely amazing. A6, easy-to-read, and an author with a lot of experience, (who as well as being a Priest is a qualified medical doctor). Definitely worth a look.