Echoes - Leader's Guide

Parish-Based Training for Handing on Faith

AVAILABLE MARCH 2012 - Parish based training for catechists

By: Maryvale Institute

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ISBN : 9781860827846

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AVAILABLE FROM MARCH 2012 You want to prepare and train those who hand-on faith... but how? Since its first publication in 2003, Echoes has established itself as the foremost parish catechist training resource in the United Kingdom. Used in virtually every diocese, it has also been translated into Spanish, Norwegian and Arabic.The second edition of Echoes has many new features, including:- Updated for the new translation of the Roman Missal - Stronger emphasis on echoing Christ is prominent- New and revised introductory sessionsHERE IS THE CONTENTS LIST FOR ECHOES Echoes is made up of 11 sessions that cover the following:
  • Session 1: What is the Good News?
  • Session 2: Why the Holy Spirit?
  • Session 3: Why the Church?
  • Session 4: Why the Catechism?
  • Session 5: Who teaches?
  • Session 6: Whose Story?
  • Session 7: Who are we?
  • Session 8: Why link with the liturgy?
  • Session 9: What is the Mystery?
  • Session 10: What can we do?
  • Session 11: What next?
The new Leader's Guide contains:Guidance and teaching notes for the 11 sessionsPrintable handouts on CD-ROMWHO IS ECHOES FOR?Anyone involved in handing on the faith of the Church to others. This includes:RCIAadult education groupssacramental preparationchildren’s liturgyscripture groupsfaith-sharing communitiesyouth ministry WHAT DOES ECHOES COVER? Echoes presents the key knowledge and skills needed by those who hand-on faith to others. It equips helpers and catechists to build their confidence by:providing help with basic teaching skillsgiving an overview of Catholic essentialsexplaining how to use the Bible and Catechism in teachingemphasising links to worship and liturgyHOW DOES ECHOES WORK?The course contains 11 sessions, each lasting about one and a half hours. Every session has its own short text and worksheet, containing everything that is needed by participants. Every Group consists of an Echoes Leader (usually an ordained minister or trained catechist) together with participants. Parish Network discounts do not apply