Easter Vigil Lucernarium Card

The blessing of the fire and the preparation of the Candle.

An A4 laminated card

Format: A4 Laminated Card

Dimensions: 27cm by 21cm

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Publication Date: 01 Jan 2013

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The blessing of the fire at the Easter Vigil, and the preparation of the candle all presented for use by clergy on a handy laminated card.This practical aid to the important beginning of the Easter vigil brings together all the prayers and responses said during these two rites.This card makes the rites easier to perform, precluding the need to expose your Holy Week or Altar Missal to the vagaries of weather, fire or candle wax, and has been made in direct response to requests from parish priests for a solution to these issues.It forms part of CTS’s commitment to provide priests with all they require to serve the needs of their people.