CTS Onefifties - Complete Series 1

By: Various Authors

Format: 25 Booklets

Number of Pages: 64 per booklet

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Publication Date: 17 Oct 2017

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CL03 Christ upon the Waters x1
CL22 The Church & the Modern Age x1
CL07 A City Set on a Hill x1
CL15 Courtship - Some Practical Advice x1
CL05 The Day the Bomb Fell x1
CL04 Death & Resurrection x1
CL08 Finding the Way Back x1
CL01 Fr Damien & Where All Roads Lead x1
CL09 The Gunpowder Plot x1
CL14 Inside Communism x1
CL11 Islam, Britain & the Gospel x1
CL19 A Library of Tales - Vol 1 x1
CL20 A Library of Tales - Vol 2 x1
CL13 Life Within Us x1
CL18 Medieval Christianity x1
CL06 Miracles x1
CL10 Nuns - What are they for? x1
CL23 The Prayer of St Thérèse of Lisieux x1
CL24 The Problem of Evil x1
CL16 Resurrection x1
CL12 Stories of the Great War x1
CL17 Two Conversion Stories x1
CL02 The Unending Conflict x1
CL21 War at Home and at the Front x1
CL25 Who is St Joseph? x1

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To celebrate our 150th birthday we are delving into our archives and sharing with you some of the gems that celebrate the huge range and variety of CTS publishing over the last 150 years.

From the pens of the celebrated and famous, as well as the lesser known, CTS Onefifties will take you from Victorian England to the two great wars, from the certainties of 19th Century piety to the 1968 sexual revolution.

Great testimonies of faith, sparkling apologetics, and debates on the issues of the day offer original and inspiring insights into the meaning of life and all its hopes and challenges. They also give a fascinating look into the changing concerns of the Catholic population of England since the late 19th century.

Our first selection of 25 booklets – available to pre-order now in paperback and ebook – includes works from great names such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, Ronald Knox, and Leonard Cheshire VC.

Reflections on Christian life and practice, discussions of the politics and issues of the day, and even a selection of fictional works - there is something original and special here for everybody.

Our hope is that you can dip into the past - and find the present.