Being a Parent Today

Children, Faith and Family Life

Pratical pointers on helping to care for your children.

By: Wang, Fr Stephen (ed)

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781860827860

Number of Pages: 80

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Publication Date: 01 May 2012

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Being a parent today is a huge privilege and a daunting challenge. It raises so many questions about how to love your children, how to live your family life, and how to pass on your Catholic faith.This booklet gathers together the experiences of different mothers, fathers, teachers and priests. It is not a list of rules, but a collection of ideas and practical suggestions that will help you reflect on your vocation as a parent and draw closer to your children.In straightforward language, it deals with topics such as spending time together, listening, discipline, forgiveness, school, prayer, Sunday Mass, sex education, the internet, family celebrations, and much more.Fr Stephen Wang, the editor, is a priest in the Diocese of Westminster. He works at Allen Hall Seminary, and has written A Way of Life for Young Catholics for CTS.This booklet is published in ascociation with Ten Ten Theatre, an award-winning educational theatre charity with a Catholic ethos, working in schools, parishes and prisons throughout the UK.

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Give this to any Christian couple starting out on married life. Or give it to them at the baptism of their first child. Or at a family mass. Just give it out as widely as you can (anyone can afford this, less than a cup of coffee in Starbucks): it's full of useful hints and tips for couples of any age and at any stage of marriage.